Free Shipping on orders over 3999.00

Free Shipping on orders over 3999.00

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the process of binding togther printed materials by gluing the spine with a strong, flexible adhesive. The cover is then wrapped around the glued pages, and then trimmed to its finished size. 

This is commonly used with paperback books, catalogs, zines, manuals, portfolios, and other printed materials with high page count. Our minimum number of allowable leaves is 15 or 30 pages of 130gsm to 170gsm paper thickness. 

Ring Binding

This type of binding is the process of punching a hole unto loose leaves and then fastening them together with a metal double-loop wire using a looseleaf binder. Our maximum binding length is 11.7" and is able to bind up to 80 leaves of 120gsm paper thickness. 

Customized Notebook


With a maximum size of A4 (portrait), you can customize your own size, binding, and interior pages with plain, ruled, dotted, grid style pages to choose from. You can make your own planner, journals, or simple personalized notebooks to hoard.

Desktop Calendar


Fully customizable with lamination options on interior and cover.

Available on coated and uncoated sheets of 250-300gsm.

Staple Binding

This is commonly used on portfolios, zines, and other printed materials that have numbered leaves not more than 30 with maximum binding length is 11.7".


What is Padding?


Padding is the process of gluing a side of loose leaves using a padding adhesive. This is how we create notepads, memopads, stationeries, or prescription pads where you can remove one leaf or two without damaging the rest of the binded leaves. Pads can be customized colored or monochromatic interior with paper choices of 80gsm to 120gsm of paper thickness. 


Best use:

Memopads, notepads, temporary receipts and invoice, acknowledgement receipts

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There are 2 Printing Option provided: Toner-Based & Pigment-Based. 

Toner-Based has very high quality printing output, with precision dot application. Limitations include gradations of color.

Inkjet Pigment-based is a much cheaper alternative to Toner-Based Prints but can produce quality prints with no gradation limits.


If you have further clarifications on the type of printing you want, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Kiss Cutting

Kiss Cut is the process of cutting the surface of stickers. It does not cut the backing material, which allows the kiss cut stickers to peel out of the sheet.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of converting materials by cutting, forming, and shearing off the specific area of the printed material.