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How to Apply Bleed for Stickers

Artwork is by @mangoburst



We have previously discussed what bleed is and how to properly apply it to your image. Here we will discuss how to correctly add it on your stickers to be printed. This is especially important for sticker sheets and custom cuts. Terms are important so I'll be adding descriptions of terms we use during the process.


The line separating your image to the edge. The background of your image should be the same with your border with minimum 20px.
The red line in the image below is the border.




The exact image of your sticker that extends to the edge of your Border. Silhouette should always be in dark solid colors as this is what we use as our cutting guide. 




It is an extension of your Border. We suggest you use our standard size which is 24px when adding bleed to your stickers. This is required especially for sticker sheets and customs die cut stickers.
The blue line in the image below is the bleed.




Here is an image of a sticker with silhouette (opacity down) over it.

This figure shows the distinction between the three described above. 



How to Apply "Bleed?"


There are alot of easier ways to apply bleed to your image. You can either do it manually or use the help of softwares to add them. Just remember that your bleed should always be the same color as you border or background image.