Free Shipping on orders over 3999.00

Free Shipping on orders over 3999.00


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to quality merchandise

Offers services in producing collaterals, merchandise production, and other printed materials tailored to each individual's needs

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Binding Services

Zines, Fanbook, Photobook,

Custom Memopads, and Personalized binded merchandise 

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Duplication Printing

Padded Business Forms, Prescription Tabs, & others




Our very own brand crafted from repurposed paper scraps and waste.



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Bulk Printing, Large format prints on Vinyl & Tarps, Offset Prints, etc...


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Inkplace Printing Tips

Learn how how you can layout for print ready files thru our comprehensive guidelines. Scan through for information and read through our blog for printing tips that will help you through your printing journey with us.


Please read these before submitting your files


Print-ready files

We are mainly a printing service. We do not offer design or layout services. Please submit works that are ready for print.

We do have a layout guide and template for stickers. Please DM or email us for these files.


Copyright Use

We highly discourage submitting works that are not yours for reproduction. We will decline any requests that may be infringing on others' copyright unless you give us proof that you have the artists' permission to reproduce. While we are lenient when it's for personal use, we still don't recommend this.


Please don't just take images from the internet to print. We will know.



Please always apply proper bleed on your works, especially for zine or binded submissions.

The standard bleed size is 0.125 inches.


Without proper bleed, finished products will leave a hairline white edge where there should be none after final trimming.



Please always submit files with 300 dpi resolution or higher. This is so your works don't get pixelated or blurry when blown up. While we always check the integrity of your files, things can still be missed. We won't be responsible for low quality printed images if you've provided us as such.



We accept NSFW works given that they do not violate any existing laws and that the one submitting is of legal age.