Free Shipping on orders over 3999.00

Free Shipping on orders over 3999.00


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Inkplace Printing Tips

Learn how how you can layout for print ready files thru our comprehensive guidelines. Scan through for information and read through our blog for printing tips that will help you through your printing journey with us.

Tips to go by when submitting things to print.


1) Resolution:

Standard resolution for printing is 300dpi. Anything lower than that will result to blurry images.

2) Brightness:

As print lacks the luminosity found in digital medium, you may adjust your brightness in brightness/contrast to 15%-20% to avoid darker outputs. For images with a majority of dark colors, you may also adjust your shadow in shadow/highlights to 15%-20%.

3) File format:

We prefer PNG files as this is less compressed than jpeg and pdf files. And as it is in RGB mode. While print is CMYK, we'll try our best to match it with your RGB file. Do still expect that there will be differences as print ultimately will be duller/darker in output.

4) Bleed:

Please always add bleed. Standard bleed size is 0.125 inches all around your image's actual size. This is to make sure we get to trim your prints properly.

So far, these are the usual problems we encounter during printing. If you follow these tips as you submit your files, we'll be able to work smoothly and bring you the best output we can offer. Do note that our methods and preferences differ from other printing services so use this with that in mind.